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Marine Electrical System Basics
Marine Electrical Systems: Level II


This 12-hour class is designed for both recreational boaters and professional mariners looking for a better understanding of marine electrical systems as well as practical skills such as troubleshooting and installing simple circuitry. The electrical systems class covers basic electrical theory, system design, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting and repair skills. Students receive both lecture and hands-on instruction utilizing multimeters and electrical circuitry developed for the course.

Upon completion of this course, students are able to understand basic electrical theory, DC system design, troubleshoot simple electrical failures, and create basic circuitry for DC installations. Although the course is not designed to turn boat owners into marine electricians, graduates have the confidence to know when an electrician is needed and are better equipped to communicate with industry professionals.

Please bring a multimeter to class if you own one, otherwise we will provide one for in-class use.


  • Basic Electrical Theory
  • Batteries, Banks & Circuitry
  • Multimeters & Ammeters
  • Battery Equalization
  • Load Testing
  • Hydrometer & Specific Gravity
  • Wire Ampacity & Circuit Protection
  • Crimping, Distribution Panels & Switches
  • System Design
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Galvanic Corrosion & Bonding

Class Schedule:
Click here for class availability and registration

Location: Annapolis School of Seamanship [MAP/DIRECTIONS]
Tuition: $395
Instructor: Bob Campbell
Textbook: TBA included with registration
Prerequisite: None
Enroll: Pre-registration is required
Max Size: 16 Students

Call 410-263-8848 with questions or to have the textbook mailed to you in advance at your cost.

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Offered only a few times each year, this 2-day class is designed for graduates of the Marine Electrical System Basics class who are looking for further hands-on training in troubleshooting electrical failures and designing and installing new equipment and circuitry. Students receive hands-on training while working in small groups to troubleshoot and resolve faults in circuitry developed specifically for the course. They also design and create circuitry for new equipment installation, perform a load analysis and design a balanced system.

Day 1: Troubleshooting
  • Review Multimeters and Ammeters
  • Circuit Overload
  • Open Circuit
  • Short Circuit
  • Resistance
  • Voltage Drop
  • Component Failure
Day 2: Circuit Design and Installation
  • Wire Ampacity
  • Circuit Protection
  • Voltage Drop
  • Component Tolerances
  • Crimping
  • Heat Shrinking
  • System Design Compatability

Class Schedule:
Click here for class availability and registration

Location: Annapolis School of Seamanship [MAP/DIRECTIONS]
Tuition: $495
Instructor: Bob Campbell
Textbook: N/A
Prerequisite: Marine Electrical System Basics Course
Enroll: Pre-registration is required
Max Size: 9 Students

Call 410-263-8848 or 866-369-2248 (toll-free) with questions or to register by phone.

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