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Basic Navigation and Piloting
Navigation II: iNavigation
Introduction to Celestial Navigation


This two-day class is for everyone from novice to experienced boaters looking for formal training in piloting and navigation. Students receive lecture and hands-on training utilizing charts, plotting tools, government publications and workbook exercises. Upon completion of the class, students are able to plot a course, create a route log, plot their position by various types of fixes, calculate time, speed & distance, and perform set and drift vectors. Participants learn the same techniques used in the plotting module of the USCG deck officer license exam.


  • Chart orientation
  • Use of government publications such as:
    • Tide Tables
    • Tidal Current Tables
    • Light List
    • Coast Pilot
    • Notice to Mariners
    • Navigation Rules
    • Chart No. 1
  • Plotting positions
  • Creating routes
  • Plotting three-bearing fixes, running fixes and electronic fixes
  • Understanding aids to navigation
  • Rules of the Road
  • Trip planning (use of cruising guides, planning fuel stops, etc.)
  • Dead Reckoning
    • Time, speed and distance
    • Set and drift vectors
The charts, publications, plotting tools and calculators are provided for use in class. However, students are encouraged to bring their own plotting tools.

Class Schedule:
Jan 10-11** (Sat. - Sun.), 9am - 4pm Register
Feb 7-8** (Sat. - Sun.), 9am - 4pm Register
Mar 14-15** (Sat. - Sun.), 9am - 4pm Register
**Please note, a 'Navigation II: Electronics' class immediately follows this Nav Basics class on Monday so classes can be taken in a series over four consecutive days.

Location: Annapolis School of Seamanship
Tuition: $395
Textbook: TBA
Prerequisite: None
Enroll: Pre-registration is required
Max Size: 8-12 Students

Call 410-263-8848 with questions or to have the textbook mailed to you in advance at your cost.

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NAVIGATION II: iNavigation

Modern integrated navigation calls for the mariner to blend traditional navigation skills with the use and knowledge of sophisticated networked electronic aids. This two-day (12-hour) class is focused on marrying paper chart navigation with electronic navigation systems, tablets and smart phones. Students will receive lecture, demonstration and hands-on training that utilizes the Annapolis School of Seamanship bridge simulator. The simulator allows students to engage in a virtual voyage in all weather conditions and can interface with tablet based navigation systems such as iNavx®.

Students for this class must have previously taken Basic Navigation or have a solid foundation in traditional paper chart navigation and plotting.


  • Electronic Navigation Basics
  • GPS Chartplotter, Radar, and AIS
  • Relative Motion, Collision Avoidance, ARPA, VRM, and EBL on a radar display
  • Tablet and phone based navigation using iNavx® and other mobile apps
  • Fully integrated navigation experience using our full-size ship simulator

Class Schedule:
Jan 12-13** (Mon. - Tues.), 9am - 4pm Register
Feb 9-10** (Mon. - Tues.), 9am - 4pm Register
Mar 16-17** (Mon. - Tues.), 9am - 4pm Register
**Please note, a 'Basic Navigation And Piloting' class immediately precedes this 'Navigation II: Electronics' class on Saturday and Sunday so classes can be taken in a series over four consecutive days.

Location: Annapolis School of Seamanship
Tuition: $395
Instructor: Matt Benhoff
Prerequisite: Basic Navigation & Piloting class (listed above) or the ability to plot on paper charts
Enroll: Pre-registration is required
Max Size: 8 Students

Call 410-263-8848 or 866-369-2248 with questions or to register by phone.

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In this 12-hour celestial navigation class, students receive both lecture and hands-on instruction utilizing a sextant, the Nautical Almanac, sight reduction tables and calculator. This course provides boaters with an overview of the celestial sky and a practical method for finding their position at sea without depending on GPS.


  • Introduction to the celestial triangle (GP, LHA, Dec, AP)
  • Relating time and arc
  • Measuring altitude and recording time
  • Taking Sights with a Sextant
  • Using the Nautical Almanac & Publication 229 (Sight Reduction Tables)
  • Reducing Sights by Calculator Method
  • Celestial Body Identification

Class Schedule:
Feb 21-22 (Sat. - Sun.), 9am - 4pm Register

Location: Annapolis School of Seamanship
Tuition: $395
Instructor: Ralph Naranjo
Prerequisite: Students should be able to plot on a paper chart and have experience with coastal navigation.
Enroll: Pre-registration is required
Max Size: 12 Students

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